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Directional Drilling

Thrusting is a trenchless technology method and ideal for many straight line small jobs, tight spaces & under driveways.  Another great solution with minimal excavation & surface disruption.



Our SPX25 vibratory plow is an ideal solution for long grassy area’s or metal driveways, particularly for shallow installations.



As well as Drilling and Plowing equipment BDD has the appropriate Thrusting equipment at our disposable to complete our job.



Excavator and/or hand digging open trenching method is a great solution where drilling, thrusting or plowing options may not be suitable.


Commercial Sites

Our work scope covers commercial sites. Having all the appropriate government tenders and plans available to us.


Residential Sites

As well as commercial sites we also do a lot of work on residential sites. Doing our bit everyday to get Fibre to you at home.



The Right Equipment

We have the right equipment to ensure we are able to do our job, we only use quality brands and are always looking for the best equipment out on the market to ensure we stay ahead of the game.


The Right Team

Our team is skilled, disciplined and hand picked to ensure we achieve the best result everytime. Every team member is a asset to us and share our company values.


The Right Result

What happens when you mix the right equipment with the right team? You get the right result everytime. We are very passionate about getting our work done right and our previous results show this.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

At Bay Directional Drilling we are up for the challenge wether its a big job you need done, or just a smaller job around the house, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to book your free consultation.

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Drilling the Bay since 2013

BDD has been Drilling the Bay since 2013 so we can safely say we know what we are doing when it comes to anything Drilling, Thrusting, Plowing and Trenching related.